Tai Tai


Food : 8/10
Ambience : 6/10
Service : 6/10
Price: Rs. 1000


Gautam Krishnakutty is one of Bangalores very few specialist chefs. During his time with Ebony (and the 13th Floor) he introduced us to the very delicious Thai Crispy Fried Beef – that still ranks very high on my list of favourite things to eat in the city – along with a host of other delicacies.

Tai Tai is his new restaurant and is probably one of the best places in the city for gourmet asian cuisine.

The restaurant is all about food. Which is not to say that the interiors are shabby or the service poor (not always at any rate). It’s just that there is almost no restaurant in the city that focuses so assiduously on the taste and presentation of the food. Each starter is a delightful explosion of flavours, bringing together uncommon ingredients in surprising new ways. Apart from staples like the curry rice dishes and perhaps the Khao Soi, every dish seems to have been uniquely crafted. Its a pity this city does not encourage chefs to explore their creativity rather than keep dishing out old favourites.

The service is not always top drawer, but the serving staff has been drawn from old haunts like the Black Cadillac – so old timers should get good service. The ambience is nice if a little over the top with heavy wicker chairs taking up much of the floor space. The cosy terrace is worth booking in advance for, and in case you need to wait for your table, the lounge bar one floor down is supposed to be good too.

This is not a cheap meal by any standards. A meal for 2 with wine will set you back over Rs. 2000. But if you want to experience new and novel cuisine and are willing to turn a blind eye to some less than perfect table service, this is a must do on your list.

Getting There:

Tai Tai is situated on the top two floors of Bombay Store on MG Road. Easy enough to find if you don’t know your way around the city – both Bombay Store and MG Road are landmarks in themselves. Basement valet parking is available at nights and in the afternoons. For reservations call 41121451.


There is a great duck starter with small pancakes and sauce that is excellent as are any of the mushroom dishes. For the main course the steamed fillet of sea bass with green mangoes is worth a whistle.

Ideal For:

This is a foodies must-visit restaurant. Don’t bother dragging your grandma who just wants her rice and curds or any other fussy eater.


~ by anonymousfoodie on December 5, 2006.

6 Responses to “Tai Tai”

  1. Must visit soon then. Been to Saigon yet?

  2. Saigon! Never heard of it. Where is it? I must visit.

  3. It’s on Church Street, above Ruby Tuesday. Saw this review.

  4. Went. Ate. Loving it.

    You were right.

  5. Here’s another review
    and an interesting blog too..

  6. I need to visit this place for sure…. Thanks for the info mate.
    Btw. I started my blog recently…. have added u in there…

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