Food: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Price: Rs. 800


You have to like Japanese food or at least be willing to experiment with it if you visit Harima. Here is a restaurant that knows exactly what it is about and is not shy of stating so. I am tired of restaurants that set out to cater to as wide a base of customers as possible. More often than not, in the process, these restaurants completely destroy the cuisine they are supposed to represent. Fusion food, Indian Chinese, Pan-Asian cuisine are all excuses, in my opinion for restaurants that are either trying too hard to please or just do not have the cullinary expertise to be able to do one genre and do it well.

This is why I find Harima so refreshing. Here is a restaurant run by Japanese owners and a Japanese chef that serves up authentic Japanese food. You are not likely to find a chicken fried rice at Harima – however, if you are interested in baby sardines cooked with steamed rice, this is the place. You will not find a sweet corn chicken soup here but the Miso Soup is the real deal. You can be sure your wasabi will be fresh and soft an that the sushi and sashimi will be succulent. Every now and then you can be sure will get to try out new items – both on the menu as well as off.

Bangalore has not exactly had an over-abundance of Japanese restaurants. The first I visited in the city was Dahlia. I can’t say that I was compelled to return. Since then the closest we got to good Japanese was as part of the pan-Asian menu of Zen at the Leela. Harima is different from its predecessors and for all the right reasons. Because it concentrates on one just cuisine, Harima can offer a huge menu of items that no other restaurant does – after over 20 meals there I still cannot say I have exhausted their menu. Because they have paid attention to the decor and the ambience, it is actually a pleasure to spend time over your meal.

Overall, Harima is an excellent way to spend and evening. The ambience is soothing. The food is excellent. The service is ubiquitous. There are few restaurants that the AnonymousFoodie will be glad to visit whenever it is suggested. This is one of them.

Getting There:

Harima is located on the 4th Floor of Devatha Plaza on Residency Road. For those who do not know where Devatha Plaza is (where have you been all your life?) you need to head down Residency Road from Richmond Circle past the Bangalore Club till you hit the first traffic light at the intersection of Residency Road and St. Marks Road. The building on your left is Devatha Plaza. If after these excellent directions you still get lost, call +91 80 4132 5757 and ask for directions.


The sushi and the sashimi is usually excellent unless you are squeamish about raw fish. The stewed pork is worth a try as is the wafu beef steak. I would also recommend the mayonaise coated prawns Ebimayo. If you have place at the end of your meal do try the home-made ice cream (either green tea or wasabi flavour).


~ by anonymousfoodie on April 14, 2006.

11 Responses to “Harima”

  1. Oh, this place is good. And unlike Dahlia, they make you feel at home. And unlike Zen, the hole in the pocket isn’t severe. They have this steamed green soya bean starter, Endamame, that is excellent. Thier Sashimi is awesome, so is the Wafu Steak and the Stewed Pork, which is far better than the descriptor sounds. For dessert, I like the pancakes with red bean paste. All in all, an awesome place that has just gotten better with the adition of sake to the menu!

  2. What has become of you?

  3. just be careful with fried dishes like tempura or agedashi-doufu in harima.. at least the ones i had were prepared in old oil so the taste was awful & my stomach really felt that something was weird about the food. instant output reaction even before leaving the restaurant.

  4. actually the restaurant is on the right side of Residency Road, not the left

  5. If one comes from Richmond Road through Hayes Road, Devatha Plaza WILL be on the left, just around the corner at the signal. If one comes down the Richmond Circle flyover (one-way), it will be on the right.

  6. Harima is great. I only wish the Ramen portions were larger – Asit

  7. After my experience yesterday, I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant anymore: http://www.laedevolta.com.br/smallbits/2008/02/filthy-rat-at-restaurant.html

  8. My experience with harima was good.their Salmon sashimi,abimayo,beef steak & pork are excellent.However I quite didnt like their executive lunch offering when i visited the second time.the abimayo (fried prawn coated with mayonaise) was also tasting slightly stale on that occasion.On the whole a nice place to visit.They need to be slightly more generous with the wasabi served along with the sachimi

  9. More about the location:
    You should ask for two landmarks to get to this restaurant..
    – Bishop Cotton Boys School
    The hotel is directly opposite to Bishop Cotton Boy’s School (Main gate).

    – Cash Pharmacy
    It is diagonally opposite to Cash Pharmacy. Please note the place is till called ‘Cash Pharmacy’ even though the pharmacy has closed.

  10. Was at Harima this New Years Day for dinner. Truly incredible food. The Beef Teriyaki was simply perfect. The tuna sushi was not that great (but then again tuna sushi is not a great choice anywhere).
    The rest of the dishes were simply outstanding.
    Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in true Japanese food and can tear themselves away from the weak ‘Chinese’ cuisine that is served all over Bangalore.

  11. I liked the sushi at Harima, and the decor, but not much else. The service was pathetic–very slow, very uninterested. They never even asked if we might want water! To put a final dampener on the meal, we specifically ordered a dish without prawns, as one of our party suffers from a prawn allergy. It turned up with prawns in it, and luckily, another member of the party realised this, or it could have been awful–her allergy makes her choke and stop breathing, so if she had eaten any by accident, it would have had serious consequences. The restaurant took the dish back, but did not apologise–not even a token “sorry.” Then the replacement dish took 45 minutes to reach the table.

    I might go back there, but can’t say I feel compelled to.

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